Thomas and Sons

Thomas and Sons is a small industrial layout featuring the yard of a fictional engineering works. Trains deliver raw materials to the factory and take the finished products out of the yard.

The scenic part of the layout, the yard of the engineering works, occupies the central part of the layout. There are two traversers, one on either side. These are hidden by the buildings. The left hand traverser represents the line entering and exiting the yard, the right hand one acts as the inside of the engineering works. All of the track has been laid.

The electrics are in place. The dropper wires from the track, and the power feeds for the point motors, have been soldered to the ‘power bus’, some secondhand OO gauge track.

For the buildings I used components from LCUT.  The image below shows them before they were mounted on foam board and painted.

The central scenic area has been framed with scenic back boards and a ‘picture frame’ front. The operator will sit in front of the layout and this photo gives an idea of the view they will have.

Work on the layout is progressing steadily. The stone setts have been laid in the yard and the buildings are nearing completion.

As you can see the Thomas and Sons is a ‘work in progress’. I am focusing on this layout at the moment and I’m hoping to complete it by the end of 2019 (if a layout can ever be completed 🙂 ).

You can read how Thomas and Sons has developed here. As this is a blog, the newest work is at the top and the older work at the bottom. If you want to read from the beginning, start at the bottom!