Painted Setts (Finally!)

Over the summer progress on Thomas and Sons has been slow. To be honest, I think I needed a break. Building locos, visiting real railways and relaxing in the sun has done me good and I’ve come back to the layout with renewed interest. The last part of the clay setts in the yard were laid in June this year and I’ve finally got round to painting them.

First, a generous coat of a mixture of dirty black (Humbrol RC401) and brown (Citadel Dryad Bark) was washed over the clay. Then I dry brushed the setts with Engineers Grey (Humbrol RC413).

Normally, I dry brush small items, such as wagons and locos. I turn them as I work on them making it easy to get an even effect. Dry brushing such a large, fixed area was very different because I couldn’t turn the baseboard. I had to build up the colour more slowly and it took three painting sessions before the setts looked sufficiently grey.

Finally, I dry brushed the setts with a darker grey (Humbrol Coach Roof Grey RC412), a dark brown (Dryad Bark), and a slightly lighter brown (Citadel Stirland Mud) to create a varied effect.

For the interiors of the buildings I painted them with a mixture of white, grey and beige (Humbrol Off White RC417, Citadel Ulthuan Grey and Eldar Flesh) to represent concrete. Then washed them with the dirty black / brown mix I had used on the setts. I may have over done the wash, but I will wait to see what it looks like when the buildings are in place before I decide whether to change this.

I’m pleased with the result – it looks like a dirty, cobbled yard. The rail heads are filthy though. These will need some serious cleaning before I can run any locos 🙂



  1. I think the setts look really good. You’ve got a nice uneven feel – just like the real thing. And I reckon the colour is just right. What have you done around the moving part of the points?


    • Hi Chris, Thanks for the positive feedback. I must admit I’ve not found working in clay that easy so I appreciate the encouragement. For the moving parts I’ve run the clay up to the stock rails on the points and I will cover the moving parts with chequer plate. Not my idea, Michael Campbell used it on his Landswood Park layout, he’s full of good ideas!
      All the best


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