Creating a Cab Interior

Cab DetailI’m adding more details to the O9 Hunslet loco I’m building. I’ve been focusing on the inside of the cab.

I made a small control board from scraps in my ‘bits box’. On the right, a brake lever (an old Fleischmann N gauge buffer and a piece of wire),  and on the left a throttle (part of a Peco N gauge coupling and a pin). I used a leather punch to cut two discs to represent gauges (in the middle). They are probably a bit too big but this is the smallest size on my leather punch.

Control Panel

To cover the Kato chassis I added part of a plastic medicine bottle. This wasn’t quite wide enough to cover the whole chassis so I added a small piece of plasticard to cover the part that was still visible. The other side will be at the rear of the cab and the gap wont be visible.

I created a gear lever from a scrap of plasticard and a pin. I’m finding that pins are surprisingly useful!


The seat is a little wonky, but the driver will mask this. Overall, I’m pleased with the result.

Now, where’s the primer?

With Driver

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