Loads of Heavy Metal

If Thomas and Sons is an engineering works it will need supplies of raw materials. I’ve spent a happy few days creating some wagon loads to represent raw materials of various shapes and sizes.

The ‘metal’ is plasticard sheet and sections painted in Humbrol ‘Steel Grey’ or ‘Aluminium’. The wooden supports are made from pieces of coffee stirrer and matchsticks painted in diluted black and dry brushed with light grey.

They look good in the wagons.And, obviously, I can swop they from wagon to wagon.Nothing fancy, but a lot of fun to make and I think they will complement the loads of ‘finished products‘ that I made last year.

Perhaps you prefer the other type of Heavy Metal… if so here’s some Motorhead.


  1. the loads look really good. Will you have a crane to unload them or will that be assumed to be offstage?


    • Hi Chris, Thanks! I did buy a crane. I’d intended to put it just inside one of the buildings but there were two problems 1. It was way too big to fit inside the building (yes, I should have measured first 🙂 ) 2. I realised it would draw the viewers eye into the building and the eye is easily led onwards into the traversers. So the premise will be that all the loading / unloading takes place out of sight in the works buildings 🙂
      It’s a very nice crane though. I should probably build another layout just for it !!


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