Here are some of my favourite model railway sites, the ones I visit most often…

Michael’s Model Railways
Lovely layouts, high quality modelling, and some very clever engineering solutions. A great place to learn and be inspired.

Budget Model Railways
Really enjoyable YouTube channel. The best videos are those where Mike and Douglas (father and son) make model railways together. Lots of fun. Exactly what a hobby should be.

Chris Nevard Model Railways
Great website and blog from a professional modeller. Jaw dropping quality (but don’t let that stop you modelling!)

Phil’s Workbench
The blog of BRM writer and Garden Rail Editor Phil Parker. Phil is one of the most prolific and enjoyable model railway bloggers.

Paxton Road
Everything from OO-6.5 indoors to 7/8th scale in the garden, but always narrow gauge. There’s lots to like at Paxton Road.

O9 Modeller
Modelling 15″ gauge miniature railways in 7mm scale on 9mm track. I do admire Colin’s modelling, he’s one of the people who inspired me to try O9.

Laurell Today
Soak up the Swedish atmosphere of Henrik’s latest layout. I particularly like the Falu red (Falu Rödfärg) buildings, great modelling.

Nystrup Gravel
Danish and delightful. A 1:35 scale model of a fictional gravel company’s 600mm gauge railway.

What’s Neat in Model Railroading
If you like the American scene this could be for you. Each month a bunch of guys meet up to talk about model railroads. I bet you feel at home already.


The image at the top of the page is by Roy Smith (used under a Creative Commons License).