Boxomise: Paint Your Wills

The station building I made a few weeks ago has been painted and weathered.

Wills stations are often painted ‘green and cream’ or ‘chocolate and cream’. For example I used ‘green and cream’ on First.

For Boxomise I wanted something different.

In the 1950s the Isle of Man Railway stations were painted green all over and I thought this might look good.

The Humbrol grey primer was given a wash of diluted Revell Leaf Green so that some of the grey was still visible through the top coat. The roof is a wash of Revell Anthracite and dry brushed with two light greys (Humbrol Coach Roof Grey and Engineers Grey).

Here’s the building before weathering.

To make things dirty I tried MIG Ammo Enamel Washes. Starting with ‘Dark Wash’ and, after it had dried, a wash of ‘Fresh Mud’.

It’s the first time I’ve used these and I’m impressed.

The trick is to wipe off most of the wash with a cotton bud or a piece of tissue paper while it is still wet. If you don’t the effect is very strong, too strong for me!

So there we have it, a rather care worn station building for Boxomise.

It needs a nameboard and some notices. I’ll enjoy deciding what to call the station 🙂


    • Hi Woody, Thanks 🙂 The enamel washes were a bit of an experiment. They were more controlable than I expected and I’d definitely use them again.


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