Ely & District MRC Exhibition 2023

Today I spent the day at Ely model railway exhibition.

I was helping the Cambridge club with their large 00 layout Nightlayer’s Drove

Luckily, I got time to look round the exhibition. I liked East Quay by St. Neots MRC. It represents a small town on an estuary in the southwest of England. Very well modelled and interesting operating potential.

Brooks Bridge in O-16.5 narrow gauge by Stuart Marshall takes it’s inspiration from the Kinver Light Railway an electric tramway that ran by the road through the countryside. With its overhead wires and unusual rolling stock it was a very interesting layout. Loco and trams are Smallbrook Studio kits running on 3D printed Locos ‘n’ Stuff chassis.

The exhibitors lunch was very tasty and my shopping succesful, I got exactly what I wanted, two sheets of black plasticard. Hey, big spender!


  1. Dear Steve
    Very interesting the Brook End layout, Looked up Kinver railway there is a lot on the web I ended up buying two books on the railway the size of trams were biger than the layout ones, but still a great model glad you enjoyed your self I look forward to your visits and what you see I find them interesting as not able to get out as I used to, and a lot of the exhibitions have closed in my area.
    All the best


    • Hello Roger,
      Glad you liked the pics. Yes, it’s an interesting prototype and a great model. I was surprised that a tramway with these overhead wires existed in the UK. It feels more like a European line to me. Interesting to know that the actual trams were even bigger than the ones on the model. It must have been quite a sight. Pity that it wasn’t preserved.
      The model was well done. Unusual to see 3 way points on a NG layout and I did like the old turntable that had been filled in.
      More books, haven’t you filled your bookshelves already ? 🙂 Enjoy them!
      Best wishes


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