Quarry Tubs + Van Completed

I have painted and weathered the O9 (On18) quarry wagons.

The two tubs (above) were built on the 422 Modelmaking O9 chassis.

They were painted with Citadel Corax White primer. The tubs were given a wash of dliuted Humbrol Engineers Grey (RC413). The chassis were given a rough coat of Coach Roof Grey (RC412), and dry brushed with black and Citadel Ulthuan Grey. Then I applied some rust coloured weathering powder and a coat of Citadel Munitorum varnish. Job done.

The other wagons were built on slightly modified chassis.

The van was painted with Humbrol primer. The body painted with Tamiya Flat Green (XF5), and dry brushed with Engineers Grey (RC413) and Citadel Ulthuan Grey, before a dusting of rust powder. The door was given a couple of washes of diluted black, then dry brushed with Engineers Grey and Ulthuan Grey. The chassis are Tamiya Flat Iron (XF84) with a little rust powder.

I made these wagons to create a train for the Schaefer loco. I think they look good together.

Finally, here’s a short video of them running.

The van has a distinct wobble when it runs. I may have bent an axle when I put the wheels in the chassis !

I rather like wobble though… I may leave it like that, it adds to the narrow gauge character 🙂


  1. Good stuff indeed.
    Quite jealous of your colour knowledge. I am partly colour blind so there is a difficulty immediately.
    Grey primer from a can is a staple…..lol


  2. Dear Steve
    Looking really good, as you said I got in touch with Andrew 422 and the bits he has got under development are realy good I have asked for some parts. Thank you for your info and direction in getting the parts. Keep up the sterling work on bits and where to get them from and your great modelling.


    • Hi Roger,
      I’m pleased you are going to give these wagons ago. Let me know what you think of them.
      Thank you for the encourgaing comments. It’s always nice to get some positive feedback. Much appreciated


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