Painting a Box Van

The ‘Rummage Box Box Van’ has been painted and varnished. It’s a compact, short wheelbase van and it will make a very useful addition to the stock for ‘First’.

Recently, a couple of people have asked me how I paint and weather models. I’m no expert but here are some photos to show you what I do.

I spray painted the van in Humbrol grey primer using a rattle can. I rather like the colour of the primer so I didn’t add a ‘top coat’ of another colour. I carefully painted the metal work with Humbrol Dirty Black using a fine brush.Then I dry brushed the wagon with Citadel Ulthuan Grey. This very light grey gives a rather nice ‘aged’ effect.

To add some dirt I used Citadel Stirland Mud, dry brushing and stippling it on to the surface. Some modellers use an air brush to get a more even effect, but I don’t own a spray gun and haven’t felt the desire to learn how to use one (yet!).

The model was given a couple of washes with diluted Humbrol Dirty Black.

A waft of vallejo acrylic matt varnish from a spray can completed the job, and we have the model you see at the top of the blog.

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