Quarry Wagons

422 Modelmaking produce a nice range of narrow gauge wagons for O-16.5 (On30).

They make a ‘prototype’ chassis adapter so the wagons can be used for O9 (On18).

If you place a N gauge wagon chassis under the adapter and the pre-cast wagon body on top, you get a rather nice O9 wagon.

I made a couple of small modifications to the kits. I distressed the wagons to make them appear heavily used and I added some fake axle boxes over the original N gauge axle boxes.

For two other wagons I added some plastic section and rivet heads to the sides to give a slightly different style of chassis.

Again the ‘tub’ has been distressed. The van body is the original molding, but I’ve added a canvas roof using the technique described by Chris Ford in his book on Modelling Narrow Gauge Railways. I’ve used his approach before and it works well.

These wagons are slightly wider than the O9 stock made by other manufacturers. O9 stock is often 28mm (1.1 inch) wide, here the ‘tub’ is 31mm (1.2 inch) and the van 35mm (1.4 inch).

I’m rather intrigued to see whether this slightly larger loading gauge can work in O9 (On18).


  1. Dear Steve
    This is a great find I use 422 wagon and coach kits this will save a bit of work though I sometimes reduce the width of the kit. I went through the list of kits they supply and could not find the part did you get it at an exhibition, and it has not made it way to their ebay list yet. On a different subject did you see the coments about Expo NG in Narrow Gauge World, a great shame, spoilt my day. Keep up your great work


    • Hi Roger, 422 introduced the adapters at the Burton exhibition this year and I’ve brought some mail order since. If you contact Andrew via the website and ask for O9 adaptors he will know what you mean. https://www.422modelmaking.co.uk/contact
      I think he is making them as an experiment initially to see if there’s enough demand perhaps that’s why they aren’t on the site yet.
      I’m finishing painting these wagons at the moment so hopefully there’ll be some photos next weekend.
      All the best Stephen


  2. Hello Steve, these look interesting – dare I say tempting! Still got an unused APA box if you’re looking at another layout. Let me know and we can sort out getting it to you. Hope all is well. David


    • Hi David, Yes, 3 components, 2 layers of glue and you have a wagon. Simples as the meercats say 🙂
      Hmm… another APA box, that is kinda tempting too.
      Do you want to meet for one of our lunches, perhaps sometime in October? Drop me an email if you’re interested.
      Hope you are doing well and still on the mend
      All the best


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