Rock Face Experiments

I’ve been experimenting how to create rock faces.

Some polystryene off cuts were glued together, coated with Polyfilla (Spackle) and washed with various acrylic paints.

I’d really like to create something like the red rocks seen in Arizona or New Mexico. Perhaps not a bright red, but something with a hint of redness. I want the rock faces to create a backdrop, not to draw the eye to them.

First test, was trying to create a rock face with strata.

To be honest, this hasn’t worked.

My attempts at creating strata just don’t look natural. Plus the colouring isn’t right.

Best to move on….

Second attempt, trying to create something without obvious strata.

This is better. My sculpting looks a little more realistic for a start.

I’ve washed on a series of different colours, adding more towards the right hand side.

There’s a reddy brown tinge coming through and I rather like this effect.

Perhaps, the far right is a little too dark, but the sweet spot seems to be somewhere in the middle or slightly towards the right.

I’ve never modelled rocks or cliffs before and this is encouraging 🙂



    • Thanks Andy, good idea.
      I think the other problem is the tool I used to create the strata lines is too wide. A narrower line on the rock face would look better.


  1. Steve, a really great job. The rock face on your second example presents an image of a rock face. Remember what the great John Allen said, “…it’s all about perception.” Don’t go crazy trying to make it scale.


    • Hi Steven, Many thanks for the encouragement and the advice. I hadn’t heard that quote before. I like it ! I’ll definitely keep it in mind.


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