Building the Rock Faces

Polystyrene pieces cut, Polyfilla experiments completed, sharp intake of breath…

…. it’s time to actually build the rock faces on the APA box layout.

I started at one end, gluing the polystyrene pieces in place with hot glue.

I created the rock face on the far left using Polyfilla (Spackle) then glued the other polystyrene pieces in place.

The interior of the mine shaft was painted because it would be difficult to access when the remaining polystyrene was fixed in position.

The wooden mine entrance was added (but not glued in) and the remaining rock faces were sculpted in Polyfilla. You can see the various sculpting tools I used.

I glued the base of the water tower in place and put a piece of cardboard where the Adobe house will be. Then I covered the baseboard in Polyfilla to raise the ground level so the sleepers (ties) were just covered.

Finally, the cardboard was removed to create a recess for the base of the house and I added some cork pieces to represent rocks.

Phew! Job done!

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