Polystyrene Rock Faces (The Rough Cut)

Following two weekends visiting exhibitions the time has come to start on the scenery for the APA box layout.

I’d like the sidings to be surrounded by rock faces.

First, I made a paper template of the shape I wanted. Then I used this to cut some pieces of polystyrene.

I saw that Phil Parker used one of these hot wire cutters to shape polystyrene. It looked good, so I brought one and I wasn’t disappointed. The wire heats up in a couple of seconds and it cuts the polystyrene like a hot knife through butter. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist saying that!). Best of all it leaves no dust which is the big disadvantage of using a knife.

I cut some pieces to roughly the right shape.

Then it was just a matter of repeating the process to build up several layers, seven to be precise.

After a couple of cups of tea and a lot of fun I’d created an outline of the rock faces. I couldn’t resist placing the other parts on the layout.

It’s a rough cut and it needs finessing, but it’s a good start.


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