Sliding Factory Doors

At the moment, my modelling time is focussed on making doors for the factory on Thomas and Sons. First, these sliding doors.

It was a straightforward job. The doors are laser cut card from LCut, painted in blue, dry brushed with grey and brown, and given a wash of diluted black. The wash fills the laser cut lines and helps to accentuate the planking.

The metal cover over the sliding mechanism was made from H section styrene, cut down to an L section (because I didn’t have any L section of the right size). Painted blue, dry brushed with grey and rust, and given the usual wash of diluted black. This time the wash is to add a later of ‘dirt’.

Next, some arch shaped, hinged doors….


  1. Hi Steve, just reading your blog and love seeing how your layouts progressing. Just a quick query if I may regarding your painting technique. Did you apply the diluted wash after dry brushing the grey and rust to tone down these highlights? Just querying because I wondered whether a dark wash might actually undo the dry brushing.


    • Hi Simon, Yes, I dry brushed the grey and the brown and then did the wash of diluted black. You’re right the black can tone down the grey and brown dry brushing. I’ve found that diluting the black paint (I use acrylic paint diluted with water) and not applying too much of the wash over the surface you can minimise the masking. It’s a bit of a balancing act. I used the same approach with this loco and it came out darker than I’d intended, but I quite like the result (luckily!)

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      • Thanks Steve for confirming that. I’ve always been an enamel paints user but started using the Citadel paints as a result of following your blog and I’m impressed with how useful they’ve been when preparing some figures for our exhibition layout Blackfriars Bridge. I’m hoping however to move away from P4 modelling for a change and dabble in some 09 modelling next year. First though we’ve got the Warley and Longfield shows to exhibit at so I can’t get sidetracked!


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