O Scale Gutters and Downpipes Completed (Almost)

After a weekend of activity, the gutters, gutter hoppers and down pipes have been added to the buildings on Thomas and Sons.

The buildings looked rather naked without them and I think the scene looks much better now they are in place.

Is the work completed? No, not quite.

The Trotec gutter brackets need to be painted to blend them in with the rest of the gutters. Plus I mounted the drains slightly too far forward relative to the walls and the ends of the down pipes (the ‘shoes’) are catching on the rear of the drain. This is stopping the buildings from sliding down into place behind the cobbles. I will need to file the rear wall of each drain to make it thinner so it doesn’t fowl the downpipe shoe.

However, these are small jobs. Overall, I feel that I’ve made good progress 🙂


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