Recycling Rheneas – Completed Loco

The 009 loco based on the recycled Rheneas body has been completed. It looks very different from when it last appeared on this blog!

For the paint spotters out there. The loco was sprayed with Humbrol primer from a rattle can. The body is brush painted with GWR Green and Dirty Black (Humbrol RC405 and RC401), weathered by dry brushing light grey, brown and rust colours (Citadel Ulthuan Grey, Stirland Mud, a mixture of XV-88 and Doombull Brown) and finally a couple of washes with diluted Dirty Black.

These are acrylic paints but the brass work and steel on the smoke box door are enamels (Humbrol Met 54 and Met 56). I find the enamel gives a better finish for metallic surfaces than acrylics and, yes, you can paint small areas of enamel directly onto acrylics.

To complete the loco I added a brass whistle and an oil can on the footplate. The wheels were originally red but to make it look more like an English loco I painted these black.

Overall I’m pleased with the result. It may not be totally prototypical but it was a lot of fun to build and I like the look of this loco.

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