Painting a Factory Building

The factory entrance for the left hand side of the layout has been painted. First it had two coats of Humbrol Matt 121 enamel to give a base mortar colour.

Then I dry brushed on Humbrol Matt 70 enamel to create the brick colour.

Here it is after the first coat. I found it wasn’t easy to dry brush such a large area and achieve an even brick colour. I don’t want it to be perfectly uniform but this is a little too variable.

Using my favourite brush, a large Citadel Shade, I added more colour to the walls. I dry brushed Humbrol 70 onto the building to make the lighter areas darker and even out the colour.

After this second coat the colour is more even, but there are still variations. I will do more detailing and weathering but I think this is a good basis for an old factory wall.


    • Thanks Chris, I’m pleased you said that! I’m busy painting the other buildings and I hope to post more pictures soon. I’m going the the ‘running day’ at Beccles on Saturday, I’m looking forward to it.


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