Yard Office (Part 1)

My thoughts are turning back to Thomas & Sons. The next thing to build is a yard office.

The LCut Small Lineside Office (Version B)  kit was ideal for this. The components of the kit are clearly labelled, you’ll see walls, floor, roof tiles, bargeboards, chimney, flashing etc in the photo.

The basic building took only 10 to 15 minutes to construct. The longest part was waiting for the glue to dry. The chimney was easy to create from five pieces of laser cut fibre board.

Here’s the office after a coat of mortar colour. Walls were painted with Humbrol enamels (like the other buildings) and the interior is a simple brown wood floor with ‘magnolia’ walls.

Then I dry brushed the walls with Humbrol Brick Red.

So far, so good. Next the windows and doors.

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