Building Buildings

It’s time to build the buildings for Thomas and Sons.

Starting with the building for the left hand side of the yard. The LCut components clip together easily. To create an entrance into the factory I cut the fibre board with a sharp craft knife, then added a fake stone arch over the opening made from a piece of 0.25mm (10 thou) thick plasticard.

To support the components I stuck them to a piece of 5mm (0.2 inch) thick foam board.

I cut the side walls to the correct length mounted them on foam board and strengthened the joints with some additional bracing pieces.

My daughter persuaded me to buy a hot glue gun for this job, and I’m pleased she did. The glue has a short working time, then sets very quickly (yeh, no waiting for glue to dry!) and gives a firm join. It’s not solvent based glue so it doesn’t affect (melt) the foam.

Here’s the progress so far.


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