Boxomise: Fiddle Yard

I’ve spent quite a lot of time organising the fiddle yard for Boxomise

I made the baseboard for the fiddle yard some time ago. For some reason I made it 600mm (2 feet) long when I only have 410mm (16 inches) of space for it. So the first job was to cut down the baseboard!

Next I made a piece of connecting track.

It is mounted on a small piece of plywood that is screwed to the baseboard. It can be moved if the screws are removed. If I decide to extend the layout, or reuse this fiddle yard on another layout, I can reposition the exit to the fiddle yard if necessary.

Then I made a cassette for the stock.

It looks rather over engineered for 009 stock…

… but I made it so that I can use it for my large O9 stock too.

Here’s the baseboard and the cassette.

The question is ‘Does it work?’

I’m pleased to say ‘Yes, it does’ 🙂


    • Hi Jeremy, The track doesn’t connect. The ends of the track on the baseboard and the fiddle yard are cut to 90 degrees. The tracks just butt up together. It’s simple but it works. The trick is to get the ends of the rails as close as possible.


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