Winter Woodwork

Woodworking needs to be done outside, it’s too messy to do indoors.

There are three things that limit my woodworking in the English winter:

  • Cold: It’s no fun working outside in the cold, and this is a hobby
  • Rain: Everything gets wet, even the wood
  • Wind: The wind blows the sawdust about, and you end up covered in it

Luckily there were a couple of good days this week and I was able to move forward with this baseboard.

An additional layer of plywood has been added to the main baseboard, with a ‘cut away’ to create raised and lower ground. Plus I’ve built a baseboard for the fiddle yard.

I plan to use cassettes for the fiddle yard. I may even make one from this off cut of ply.

The height of the cassettes will align nicely with the new, raised areas on the main baseboard.

This feels like progress because I can start laying the track now.

Hmmm.. I need to pluck up my courage before I start that job!


  1. Hello Steve,
    Nice baseboard and it will be interesting, as always, to see what layout gets built on it.
    When I first got married I built a shed in kit form in the kitchen as it was too cold and wet outside and Mrs. W even helped! The marriage has even survived me storing a ton of cement in bags in the lounge to avoid them getting wet!

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    • Hi Woody
      Gosh, Mrs W is very tolerant ! Not sure I’d get away with either of those things 🙂
      Yes, I’m intrigued what I’m going to build on the baseboard too. The track plan is clear and I have some rough ideas for the scenery, but I can’t imagine what the final layout will look like yet….


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