Boxomise: Exit Stage Left

With the track laid I need to create a hole in the backscene so the stock can enter and exit the layout from the fiddle yard.

I picked what I think is my largest item of rolling stock, laid a marker pen against the sides and roof, and drew an outline.

The widest and highest parts will be at the guards duckets and the tops of the oil lamp ventilators. I marked these with an arrow to remind me !

A quick check with my largest loco showed the gap will be wide enough for that too.

I marked the shape I wanted, used a craft knife to score the plasticard covering the wood, and cut out the hole. I used a tenon saw for the straight sides and a coping saw for the curve at the top. The coping saw belonged to my grandfather and it’s always nice to use it !

The clearances seem to be fine. I didn’t make the opening too big. It’s easier to disguise a smaller hole 🙂


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