Boxomise: Tracklaying

Track laying has started on Boxomise. First the baseboard was given a good coat of mucky brown paint. The first time I’ve ever applied artists acrylic paint with a 2 inch paintbrush 🙂

The track and points were sprayed with Humbrol grey primer. The points were placed in position, and Peco ‘Mainline’ flexitrack cut to size to give the correct length of track for each of the pieces required.

Then all of the track was laid in place with small track screws. A short length of copper clad plastic was used to hold the rails in place where they exit the baseboard.

Here’s the result from above. I’m pretty pleased with it 🙂

Previously, when I laid track I’ve started at one end of the layout and worked my was across the baseboard cutting the track and laying it as I went. This is the first time I’ve cut all of the pieces to size before laying them. It worked well for me and I’d definitely use that approach again.

Painting the track before laying it worked quite well. There was one disadvantage. I had to remove the paint from the rails where I wanted the rail joiners to make a good electrical contact. This was a bit fiddly and time consuming. In future I’ll probably lay the track, then spray it.

Looking underneath the baseboard reveals the next job, wiring up the the electrics.


  1. Hi Steve,
    Nice progress. I have also taken the same approach on a few layouts of cutting all lengths to size, painting them and then laying. My solution to the rail joiner issue is a small piece of masking tape on each rail end (and the point contacts) or I have used a blob of BluTac instead of masking tape. Spray paint, remove masking, join track, touch in with small paint brush. Having the pieces cut before hand also allows you to more easily paint the chairs or spikes in a suitable shade of rust.
    Another thing I do at the track laying stage is before putting points in place is to coat the underside and sides of the tie rod with Vaseline which helps prevent it getting gummed up with glue when ballasting is done.
    Trust this is of use.



    • Thanks Woody. Ah masking tape….. I used it for the point blades but just didn’t think about the ends of the rails! That’s a neat solution. I will do that in future because, like you, I quite like working this way. Hadn’t thought of the vaseline though, and I could still do that. Good tips!!


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