Shunting Puzzle Wagons Completed

Finally… I’ve completed the wagons for my O9 (On18) shunting puzzle.

I repainted these secondhand mine tubs nearly a year ago and only now have I made the loads for them.

First job was to create some inserts using recycled cardboard and PVA (white) glue. They are rough and ready, but they’ll do the job.

Next I added a different load to each wagon.

There are wagons with nuggets of gold or silver (cat litter granules with a dash of paint) and wagons containing diamonds and rubies (the ‘crystal diamante gems’ used by crafters). These were mixed into the Jarvis sand mix I used for the scenery on the layout.

The sand was given a couple of colour washes and the wagons were weathered with sandy colours. Finally, finished.

For this shunting puzzle I need eight, different, easy to recognise wagons. You’ll see I’ve made a card representing each wagon. Five cards are chosen at randon and the operator must create a train containing these wagonsโ€ฆ in the right order.

Yes, it’s not entirely prototypical. Yes, a mine that produces gold, silver, diamonds and rubies is unfeasibly productive.

I’m having fun here ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. I am sure that the TV programme Gold Rush would love to have your mine on their show Steve! Certainly make the gold weighs interesting! I do like your approach to this layout. Whilst all types of model making attracts my attention sometimes the seriousness of some of it needs interspersing with some light hearted approaches and fun which doesn’t have to distract from the quality of modelling as you have shown.. Mrs. Woody would certainly approve of your wagon loads. Just hope no one ever models a hand bag mine or I would never get her away from that layout at an exhibition!


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    • Thanks Woody – I guess I just felt like doing something a little different. Either that or I’m going mad
      I will ask the mine owner if he’s prepared to supply Mrs Woody with jewels and precious metals ๐Ÿ™‚


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