APA Box Rolling Stock

With the woodworking complete and some track laid, my mind turned to the stock for the APA box layout.

I acquired these five secondhand wagons ages ago. To add a little variety I brought three Unit Models kits from Fizinghall Models & Railways. This will be all the stock that’s needed on such a small layout.

The layout will feature a mine, so the mine tubs seemed a good place to start.

They are ready to run but I wanted to repaint them.

The miners names on the wagons were removed using an ink rubber (ink eraser). Do you remember those? Well, I found one in the back of a drawer! Then the wagons were given a generous coat of rust coloured paint.

I haven’t decided what the wagon loads will be so I painted the interiors too.

This created a nice rake of four wagons – half of the stock for the whole layout!

Next job will be to build the kits.

Watch this space….

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