Spalding MRC Exhibition 2022

Yesterday the model railway gods smiled on me.

Delightful daughter had a hockey match near Spalding exactly when the Spalding Model Railway Club were holding their exhibition.

My choice was a cold, wet touch-line or the wamth of the Springfield Event Centre… no contest 🙂

The exhibition was super, with 30 layouts in a wide range of scales, gauges, eras and locations. There were interesting demos and a vast array of traders selling UK outline, continental and US stock, tools, kits and materials.

The venue was spacious, there was plenty of room to see the layouts and the grub was good too.

Many thanks to the Spalding MRC team for putting on such a super exhibition.

I am hoping the model railway gods will let me go next year too 🙂


  1. Thank you for taking time to take photos and share them.
    I love all work by Graham Morfoot…he always catches the feeling of the Fens


  2. Hi Steve, I was there yesterday afternoon too. Usually go to the show every year for the past couple of decades.Always have a good time but this year was the best yet. A great variety of layouts all quality and a good trade presence too as well as some really interesting people to chat with. It was one of those shows where even Mrs Woody was taken by many of the layouts and I came away inspired as well as with a much thinner wallet. It was even thinner once Mrs W had matched my spend with her’s at the Radley handbag show in the shopping centre! Never mind at least Christmas is sorted and I did sell the day out on the basis that I was taking her out. One thing that caught my eye and I have never seen before was the interior of the office block on the Czech layout Kozel. Nothing new in interior detail but this one had illuminated computer screens! A not too good photo but you can see them on my blog here


    • Hi Woody, Good to hear from you. I’m glad you and Mrs W enjoyed the exhibition. I thought it was great, a wide variety of layouts and I was inspired too. I hadn’t noticed the illuminated computer screens though – I will need to find that layout and take a proper look! I didn’t visit the shopping mall next door, not even to buy a handbag 🙂
      I didn’t know you had a blog, I really enjoyed reading it!
      All the best


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