7mm Narrow Gauge Exhibition 2022

Yesterday was the 7mm Narrow Gauge Association’s annual exhibition in Burton on Trent.

This is one of my favourite exhibitions. A good mix of layouts, specialist traders and plenty of interesting people to talk with. The food’s great and there’s even a bar.

I know, doesn’t that sound like model railway heaven 🙂

I managed to get photos of most of the layouts.

Habbaniya, Iraq 1941 – Anthony Bennett: Forced perspective with 1:32 scale at the front and increasing smaller models to the rear.

Calstock Riverside – O-16.5 – Chris Peacock

Hadley, Stoneybrook & Swale – O-16.5 – Arline and Peter Wilson

Goraf Maes-Y-GĂ´f – O-16.5 – Patrick Browne

Lindsey Joint Railway Part 2 – O-16.5 – Ron Houghton and the Lincolnshire Area Group

Mill Lane – O-16.5 – David Holmes

Snowdon – 8mm:ft – Peter Booth

Oh Guano – O-16.5 – Noel Davies

Tramway de Balaigne – Oe – John Green

There’s always lots of super stuff to see. I particularly liked these two competition entries …. and my lunch.

I had several very interesting conversations, got some kits from 422 Modelmaking, and brought these two books.

Andrew Neale told me a lot about the surprising history of the Strauss book. I’m very pleased with these and I can’t wait to read them !

Many, many thanks to the organisers, stewards and everyone who helped create such a great exhibition.

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