Thank You Sarissa Precision

Recently I ordered a nice European church kit from Sarissa Precision.  It’s for a “future project”, we all have those right? 🙂

When the kit arrived the cardboard box was ripped open and I didn’t even need to open the packet to see that some of the components were damaged. I can’t build a kit with bent and cracked parts so I ran down the road, told the postman that I wasn’t accepting this delivery and asked him to return it. After some debate that it wasn’t the Royal Mails fault, he filled out a form and sent it back.

The stars of this story are Sarissa. A nice friendly email from Tricia and they sent a new kit.

No problem, no quibble, they just sent me a totally new kit.

So Sarissa are heading to the top of my list of favourite suppliers. Good kits, nice people, excellent service.

Thank you !

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