Adobe House Painted and Weathered

The Sarissa Precision adobe house has been painted and weathered.

Nothing fancy for the paintwork, just a spray of primer and then lots of dry brushing with various whites, greys and reds.

The wooden beams, door, window frame, shutters and roof were made from bass wood supplied by the 7mm Narrow Gauge Association sales department. Special thanks to Neil Smith for this excellent service. They were ‘aged’ with a little grey paint and some black ink.

It’s not quite finished. I will add some glazing and a hint of interior detail near the window.

Overall, I’m very pleased with this little building, it turned out much better than I expected 🙂


  1. Hello Steve great modelling looks like the cement or wall covering is above the wall, a few mm thick above the bricks. The other week you were doing a tank, I got hold of the 422 tank on a stone base about 11 cm total height, looks good with rust red colour tank under coat for cars. Then a rough stone finish to the base just an idea the kit was very clean. Keep up the good work an encouragement to us all that sets me thinking.

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    • Hi Roger
      Good to hear from you. Thanks for the positive feedback!
      It sounds like you are having a lot of fun making the 422 kits. I am really impressed with the quality of his resin castings – very crisp! I have just received one of 422’s Corrugated Iron Lineside Hut kits (BK03). It was a nice birthday present!. It is for a ‘future project’ – too many ideas, too little time.
      Love to see some photos of your water tower some time.
      All the best


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