Sarissa Precision Adobe House

In September I mentioned that I’d brought a secondhand Sarissa Precision adobe house kit.

I’ve finally got around to building it.

It’s a well designed kit, with crisp laser cut parts and very clear instructions.

There are a couple of things I wanted to change. It’s a question of taste, but for me the gap around the door looked too big and the material used for the shutters seemed slightly too thick.

I removed these and I will replace them later.

I didn’t want to be able to see through the building so I blocked off the rear windows with a piece of card.

The model is a little too large for the small layout I’m building so I reduced the length of each side wall by about 13mm (0.5 inch).

With the preparation done I started the fun part, assembling all the pieces. It’s an easy build. A few drops of PVA (white glue) and it was done.


  1. Dear Steve Saw the Sarissa range of buildings but could not find out from their sight what scale they are. They talk about 15mm, 20 mm, 28mm, and 40mm but there is no reference I could find as to what these refer to, and how this can be related to O scale. The only thing I saw was 28mm locomotive is OO gauge. Can you please tell me how you worked this out, good range of buildings. Got some great books to tell you about when I get the email to work.


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