Apadobe Mine Stock

On the NGRM Forum Miles asked for a photo of all of the stock I’ve made for my little APA box layout. Good idea, I haven’t photographed everything together.

The Unit Models loco on the left, five second hand wagons that I’ve repained (a 3 plank wagon and 4 mine tubs), a flat wagon, a (beer) tanker wagon, and the generous supplies of TNT in the box van.

The layout will be an ingelnook shunting puzzle and a loco plus eight wagons is all the stock I’ll need.

This is still a work in progress. There is a driver for the loco but he’s reluctant to appear in the photo because he’s naked (bare whitemetal that I need to paint). Plus, the mine tubs still need loads but they will have to wait until I’ve decided what material and colour to use for the terrain on the layout. I’d like the contents of the tubs to match the terrain.

It’s good to see them all together. Thanks for the suggestion Miles.

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