Painting Unit Models O9 Wagons

The paint shop crew have been busy with the Unit Models wagons I made in the previous post.

The approach was pretty simple. A couple of shades of grey to give the impression of aged wood and a little bit of rust colour on the axle boxes.

That was enough to complete the flat wagon.

The wagon loads are held in place by small blobs of Blu Tack.

This allows me to change them if I want.

The approach was similar for the tank wagon.

First the chassis was painted, then the tank itself. I glued these together and added the bands that hold the tank to the chassis.

After a little more painting and some decals we have a tanker branded with Coors Banquet – the classic American beer.

Painting the box van followed the same, tried and tested, route.

To add lettering to the sides I created paper stencils and taped them in place.

I tried to paint inside the stencils with a diluted white paint.

This was reasonably successful. It’s not perfect, and I’m pleased it’s not. I wanted it to look like the letters had been painted by hand.

At the end I get a varied selection of different wagons, ideal for the shunting puzzle I have in mind.

Who knows if the tanker wagon really contains Coors Banquet, or if it’s just one of the workers making a joke ๐Ÿ™‚


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