Rail Head Treatment Train

I live close to the London to Cambridge main line.

Most of the services are passenger trains between Cambridge and London or Stansted.

Occasionally we get a Class 66 hauling a long ballast train.

These are OK, but not that exciting.

However at this time of year the Rail Head Treatment Train passes twice everyday.

Now that’s more interesting.

This video shows the RHTT passing an occupational crossing on the London to Cambridge main line on the 19th November 2021.

What the video doesn’t capture is the acrid smell and taste the train leaves behind as it passes. Perhaps I should have held my breath!

If you’re a standard gauge modeller this would make an interesting addition to your layout.

Models are available, weathered and unweathered, from Hattons.

But why would you choose unweathered for this?

Model It? Sometimes I see things that inspire me, things I think would make a great model. I thought I would share photos of what I find interesting and perhaps, just perhaps, they might inspire your modelling…

I must add I have no connection to Hattons. I thought it was good that they make a model of the RHTT.

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