7mm Narrow Gauge Association Exhibition 2021

Last weekend the 7mm Narrow Gauge Association held their annual exhibition.

My first proper, indoor exhibition for 19 months. It was so good to get back to an exhibition after the Covid disruption.

I really want to thank all of the organisers and exhibitors for putting on such a great exhibition. It must have taken some courage to book the hall and organise the event when England was in the middle of one of the lock downs. Thank you all!

Perhaps the exhibition was a little smaller than the pre-covid exhibitions but the quality of the modelling on display and the diverse range of traders made it an excellent event. The lunch (bacon, sausage and egg roll and a pint of beer) helped to enhance the experience, but it was the excellent modelling that really made my day.

Having said all that. Let’s look at some layouts 😉

New Sharon (On2) by Bob Harper

Two foot gauge narrow gauge set in Maine, USA based on the proposed line linking the Sandy River Railway at Farmington with the sea at Wiscasset. It has a lovely, long diorama style scenic area with a trestle bridge. The actual line never got build, but Bob’s modelling and detailing is superb.

The rear of the layout is even bigger than the scenic area.

Watchet Quay (O-16.5) by Peter Jackson

Peter edits the 7mm Associations magazine and he has created a very engaging shunting layout with a charming harbour scene. Nice to see the Associations committee are active modellers and exhibitors!

Leftover Quarry (O-16.5) by Andy Biggs

This layout was three separate modules, made on left over MDF, at three different times. Quality modelling, I could look at it for hours and my photos don’t do it justice.

Abbotts Yard (O-16.5) Roy Heslop

Another attractive shunting layout. I particularly liked the detailed scenes around the railway line. The cooper’s yard, the garage and the yard crane were very well modeled.

Lindsay Joint Railway (O-16.5) Lincs. Area Group

A modular group layout. There were three modules on display: a Welsh scene (Melin Wrth y Coed by Pete Atkins), the harbour of a tropical island and… sorry to say I forgot to photograph the third one. My apologies to the modeller.

Coyote Canyon (On30) by Bob Wright

If I could have taken one layout home with me, it would have been this one. Great idea, compact, super rock effects and nice detailing.

Roll on next year. The Association have already set the date!

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