Coach Seats

The 422 coach kit doesn’t come with seats so I needed to make them.

For a simple coach some bench seats running down each side seemed appropriate.

I 3D printed some parts to create the seat supports and cut some lengths of ‘V groove’ plasticard to represent the seats and the seat backs.

Then I glued the seat supports and the plasticard pieces into the coach to create two planked seats on each side of the coach, one either side of the door.

The roof supplied with the kit was trimmed slightly to fit the reduced width of my model.

The approach to making the seats was rather ‘quick and dirty’ but they look OK in the dark interior of the coach.


  1. Hi Steve
    Great continuation to the 422 coach story, I have not got a 3D printer have to go the cut and fit route but the idea you had is good and I will follow your idea, have you looked at some of the bogie stock some of the printers 422 and others offer. I bought some of these with the idea of conversion I also got some locos with the same idea or use them as parts to another model. Keep up the great modeling.
    All the best Roger Sisley

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    • Hi Roger,
      Thanks for the positive feedback. Things are progressing!
      You could easily cut the seat supports from 1mm (40 thou) plasticard. I’m trying to make myself try 3D printing so that I get used to the design software and the printing process. I’m a slow beginner and it would probably have been quicker to cut up some plasticard šŸ™‚
      I haven’t thought of converting the bogie coaches from 422 from O-16.5 to O-9. I thought they’d be too long for O-9. But now you mention it I will take another look.
      All the best

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