Barnards Miniature Railway, August 2021

On Thursday I returned to Barnards Miniature Railway in Essex. When I visited about a month ago, because of Covid restrictions, only half of the line was open and I was keen to go back and ride the whole line.

Well I didn’t achieve that!

About three-quarters of the line was open and trains were terminating at Sitooterie Halt. It seems unfair to call this station a halt. It has a passing loop, a turntable and a couple of sidings. When we arrived at Sitooterie, the loco uncoupled, ran around the train and was turned on the turntable before coupling up for the return journey. This gave some good photo opportunities.

There were three locos operating: ‘Uncle John’ a Mardyke Railways Hymek, another Mardyke Class 47 ‘The Silcock Express’ and Exmoor loco ‘Bernarda von Bernards’. The cafe was serving scones and bakewell tarts and I had a great afternoon.

I didn’t get to ride the full line – so I’ll have to go back. I can’t wait!

Here are some snaps.

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