Revisiting the Stalled Pug Conversion

Pugbash 2021 1In my last post I said that it’s always worth completing a project rather than leaving it unfinished.

This made me think. In the back of a drawer I have a partly built O9 loco. This ‘pugbash’ had stalled because I couldn’t think of a way of making the spectacle plates.

Now, the solution was obvious. I 3D printed them and stuck them onto the cab. They’re not perfect but they are far better than I could cut by hand.

I added some resin cast tool boxes that will help to mask the motor and I’ve gathered together a range of other detailing parts for the loco.

Pugbash 2021 4

The loco has had a first coat of primer. It’s amazing how primer brings a model together and makes it look much better. Primer reveals any imperfections too, and it’s clear that some more smoothing is required.

Pugbash 2021 3

I’m pleased I’ve restarted this build.

It hasn’t been touched since August 2019, that’s nearly two years ago. Gasp!


  1. Nice, unlike a lot of pugbashes it uses the pug as a basis but manages to hide its origins. I would be tempted to remove the handrail and possibly the rivets from the smokebox front, the handrail moulding is clumsy compared to the rest of your work and removing it would further hide the locos past identity.

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