Meet Freestone

My latest O9 loco is complete and I’ve called it ‘Freestone’.

The build wasn’t as straightforward as I’d hoped. I had to sand down the loco half way through construction because the first primer / paint combination I used didn’t work.

I must admit, I nearly gave up. Then I remembered Phil Parker saying it’s always worth completing a model because you learn something from the process. His words saved the unfinished loco from spending it’s life in the back of a drawer.

What did I learn? Top learning would be to try a new primer and paint on a scrap of plastic before using it on a model! Plus, perhaps, persistence pays off. I rather like the loco, but I don’t think it’s destined to be one of my favourites.

You can read the full build here.


    • It’s good advice. I always remember it when I’m about to give up on something ie often 🙂
      This may be a sore point but… I really liked the Cravens DMU you were making. Worth digging that out from the back of the drawer. It was beginning to look tasty….


      • Ah yes. Another of my hibernating projects. It’s not in a drawer, the box sits on the shelf above my head while I’m on the computer. Taunting me.

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