Pug Conversion: The Assembly Shop

The fitters have been busy. They’ve assembled the main componenets of the loco:

  • The smoke box and saddle tank from the original Hornby Pug have been attached
  • The chimney was extended with plastic tube, filed into a slight taper
  • False frames, running beyond the original Rheneas chassis, have been added to the front and rear of the loco
  • Buffer beams, with pre-drilled holes for the couplings, sit underneath the footplate
  • The smokebox door is sporting a dart. It was originally for 4mm scale locos but it works well here
  • Some details have been added to the cab interior. (To give the impression of a working loco rather than aiming for 100% technical accuracy – it is a pug bash after all 🙂 )

The motor and flywheel are visible under the boiler. I think I will paint them black and place some resin tool boxes on the footplate to (partially) mask them.

There’s more to do but I’ve realised I need to buy some components before proceeding… a brass whistle, a driver and so on….

Suggestions for making (or sourcing) the spectacle plates around the cab windows would be welcome. I don’t know the best way of doing this.


  1. Steve
    Have you a model shop ,or even on line which stocks parts for model ships they might have something suitable
    Richard P


  2. If you don’t mind painting them, put some plastic tube in the holes. Use loads of solvent and then when dry, sand back so they are only just proud of the surface.


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