Painting: Progress and Pain

There’s been some progress on my current loco build.

The body was sprayed with Expo matt black acrylic primer. It’s the first time I’ve used this product and it gives a very matt finish – it almost sucks up the light…

The plan is to paint the loco in a similar sytle to St Egwin.

I painted the black components with a slightly less matt black, then masked off the areas that will be the black lining (see the photo at the beginning of this blog).

Next I painted the green areas with Revell Emerald Green, a gloss acrylic.

It’s a lovely colour, but even after three coats it’s not covering the primer.

What am I doing wrong? Is it just a question of being patient and applying more coats, should I sand the gloss paint between coats, or can I do something else to get better coverage…?

All advice welcome.


  1. Hello Steve, I am no expert on paints but from experience black as an undercoat for a colour such as green is not going to work. The green paint has a certain level of translucence in gloss form that will show what is under it to some extent unless you tar brush it on which you clearly won’t want to. I would suggest you either use a white undercoat over the black that you have already applied or more preferably a matt green as close to the top colour as possible as an undercoat. Matt paint has a far better coverage to it and will give the gloss green a much better chance of being what it should be – a rich gloss green Black undercoat has its place and if you look at military modellers they use it a lot because of its darkness it does give shadows on tanks as it shows through the top coats easily.

    Trust this helps?



    • Hi Woody
      Thanks for the comment. That makes total sense. It’s always a risk trying something new, and I probably shouldn’t have tried a new primer and a new top coat combination on this loco build… Ugh, there’s quite a bit of remedial work to do here!


    • Hi Paul,
      Yes it looks like I’ll start back at the beginning 😦
      Normally I’d say I like painting, but in this case…..
      Oh, and the Emerald Green gloss is a lovely colour but it’s gone in the bin !


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