Sand, Prime, Repaint = Better

This week I’ve spent some time sanding, respraying and repainting the body of my current loco build.

I feel the elbow grease has paid off and the loco is looking a lot better.

The livery is Citadel Warpstone Green acrylic. It’s a rather nice colour. I’d use it again.

I’ve added a whistle, a driver and a cab roof to the loco. I painted the driver in July last year and I’m happy to have found a loco for him. It’s a tight squeeze in the cab and he may be burning his knees against the firebox…..

These ‘spectacle plates’ came with the kit. They are transparent tubes, with a clear face and a rim at one end. The rim can be painted to represent the spectacle plate. The tubes slot into the holes in the cab. I believe these were designed by Chris Ward and they are a very clever idea. I wish other manufacturers made them.

But why do they make me think of Minions?



  1. I like that green. I might have to go and find some. Hope all is well with you all. Hopefully not too long before we can meet again! David


    • Hi David, Yes, many of the Citadel colours are rather nice. All good here thanks. I hope you are staying safe and thriving. All the best Steve


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