Miniature Railway Mag Bargain Pack

All the non-essential shops in England are closed and I’ve been doing a lot of shopping online.

Let’s be honest, most of the time internet shopping is rather dull.

However, I was really pleased to find the Miniature Railway Magazine Bargain Packs.

Miniature Railway magazine specialises in miniature railways from 5″ to 15″ (127 to 381mm) gauge, including the commercial, garden and club lines. They are selling their back issues at bargain prices.

I opted for the digital bargain pack, 26 magazines for £19.50, that works out at 75 pence per issue.

And they’re good magazines. Typically each issue features profiles of one or two existing lines, a historical article about a line that’s no longer in existance and technology or line construction articles. Plus there are news items and ‘where’s this loco now?’ enquiries – which are always interesting to read.

This week I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading about:

  • the Far Tottering & Oyster Creek at the Festival of Britain in the 1950s
  • electric 7¼” locos with a third rail system
  • how heritage railways print cardboard Edmondson tickets
  • a DIY railbender
  • the German 15 inch locos designed by Roland Martens
  • Australian 12″ gauge lines, past and present

… and I’m not even half way through the pack of magazines.

Miniature Railway Magazine is a thoroughly good read and well worth investigating if you are interested in all things with a very narrow gauge..


I should point out I’ve no connection to Miniature Railway Magazine or the publishers. I’m just a happy customer.







  1. Dear Steve
    I have had this magazine right from number ONE. This has always been a great read I always look forward to my copy arriving in the post I have the paper one as I can then peruse each issue and reread as I do. Their articles about miniature railways are second to none, also there is the practical side with articles about their railways building it etc. and his fathers railways and plans/write ups about their rail locos. The best bits are write ups about miniature railways some gone, Got a book on Tom Smiths locomotives excellent with plans as well as DVD about Brian Hollingsorth that they sell . I have no connection to this publisher just a happy purchaser. My experience is if you like miniature railways this mag is a must looks good on the shelf in binders as well.
    Roger Sisley


    • Hi Roger
      Good to hear from you. I’m really surprised that I haven’t come across this magazine before, but I’m pleased I found it now! You are absolutely correct, it is a cracking magazine. The articles have just the right amount of detail, and they’re well written, so I want to keep reading. I think I susbscription is a good idea – I should check that out. Thanks for the tip off about the Tom Smiths locos book. I always like a book with good plans in it 🙂
      All the best


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