Tool Van: The Test Run

This week I finished my version of the Kirklees Light Railway Tool Van.

Here’s a short video of it running on Thomas and Sons. (A handheld video from my mobile phone – Hollywood has nothing to fear here!). I hadn’t intended using this van on Thomas an Sons, but it looks OK.

Fitting the Peco bogies was easy they simply push into the holes in the floor. I wanted to fit the Greenwich couplings designed for the NEM pockets on these bogies, but the couplings broke along the etched lines that indicate where to fold them.

The design seems rather vulnerable to damage – at least in my hands! Pity, because I really like the idea of using Greenwich couplings on these bogies. Instead the van is fitted with Peco couplings and they work fine.

If you want to read the full story of building this van it’s available here.



    • Thanks 🙂 It may need a little lead underneath to improve the stability, but I want to run it a little more to decide if that really necessary….


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