Tool Van: Roof, Varnish, Glazing

More progress on my O9 (On18) tool van this week.

I’ve added a roof and I’ve painted and weathered it.

Then I sprayed the van in matt varnish.

When the varnish had dried I added the glazing. The pieces of clear plasticard were inserted from the opposite side of the van so that they stuck to the inside of the window surrounds (see the picture at the beginning of the blog).

Finally, I glued the figure in place. A blob of epoxy did the trick.

Rooves seem to be my nemesis. Either they go well… or they don’t. This one has a noticable sag! Well it’s a tool van. I suppose it’s good enough πŸ™‚

I haven’t found the time to make the couplings and add the bogies. I hope to do that this week.


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