Tool Van: Interior Detail and Painting

Progress on my O9 (On18) tool van has been a little slower than I had planned.

I sprayed the tool van with primer, but the finish wasn’t smooth enough. The only solution was to sand the van until the surface was even.

Sometimes my modelling feels like two steps forward and one step back. This was one of those times šŸ™‚

Fortunately the second coat looked better. I like the grey of Humbrol primer, so the van will be ‘primer grey’. The inside was painted cream and the outside brushed with brown weathering powder.

I detailed the interior with four spades hanging on hooks and a shelf with a paint pot and a cardboard box. On the floor are some fence posts and a sledge hammer.

On the other side of the door I placed a rucksack made from some DAS clay and strips of card.

The figure hasn’t been glued in place yet. You can see the hole where I’ll attach him.

I think the interior is complete. Now I’ll switch my attention to the top and the bottom of the van.

It’s time to fit the bogies and the roof.


  1. Steve, that’s awesome! Just starting in On18 myself, traction using scratch built bow current collectors and working overhead. Mostly just on paper at present, but I have built a little steeplecab loco, with a prototype bow collector which works, but isn’t robust enough for long term use. Still tearing out what little hair I have left working on that!
    Thanks for the great inspiration!


    • Hi Dave, Thanks for the positive feedback. Always good to hear from a fello On18er. Wow, overhead power connection,that’s ambitious! I’m pleased to hear it works and I’m sure you can engineer in some robustness to get it working really relaibly. Keep it contact and let me know how it goes…


      • Have you taken a look at some of the 28mm (1/56) figure painting on the internet? A bit of shading and highlighting can look very good on the face and hands.
        Hope I’m teaching Granny to suck eggs :0)


      • Thanks I’ll check it out. Sounds interesting.
        This Granny welcomes constructive suggestions and advice…. It’s always good to learn something new.


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