My Modelling Space

I’m very lucky. I have two walls of our spare room for my modelling.

After a bit of experimentation, I think I’ve found my ideal modelling set up.

Thomas and Sons is set up and ready to run on the left hand side. There’s lots of storage below.

In the middle there’s the modelling bureau, ready for the more detailed work: kit building, painting etc.

On the right I’ve set up a table to do the ‘bigger jobs’. (As you can see there’s something brewing, but more on that later).

For me this set up is ideal. A layout to operate, a place to sit down to do the fiddly things and a space to spread out the larger jobs.

Yes, I have to share the room with a piano, a clarinet, a sowing machine.. and, if it’s raining, the washing while it dries… but I feel very lucky to have this space.

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