Bogie Box Van: Accidental Damage

I thought I’d found the perfect way to hold the box van while I painted it.

An off cut of wood fitted snugly inside the van. This could be supported by this 90 degree clamp. (The clamp was an impulse buy from a tool stand at a market but, like many impulse buys, I’ve never actually used it).

Everything was going well. The wood and the clamp were a great way of holding the van, the painting and weathering were complete and I took the van outside to varnish it.

Unfortunately, I’d forgotten to tighten the clamp holding the wood, the wood slipped out and the van landed on a paving slab.

Ouch! The van roof was damaged in two places.

I can’t live with this. I will have to replace the roof. Getting it off without damaging the rest of the van is not going to be an easy job.

Ugh, how annoying!


  1. That’s barely damage at all! Coax the bits back to position and reglue (presumably styrene, so Mek-pak or Solvent Weld). Then fill with a good cellulose one shot knifing filler mto just fill the remaining cracks and sanding stick down (I’d use a file). Mask the body and repaint the whole roof. Sorted. I recently did much the same with a model car body which smashed into 4 pieces. It is now resplendent in metallic blue and silver.

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  2. Hi Martin, Henrik and Ian, Thanks for your encouragement and advice on repairs. I have removed the van roof using a penknife, it came off pretty well. Now I just need to tidy up the remaining glue on the model and reroof this little baby! Steve

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