Painted O9 Loco


The O9 (On18) miniature railway loco has been painted.

It’s quite simple paintwork: Citadel Mephiston Red, with Humbrol dirty black. To add a little light weathering I gave the roof a wash of dark green and dry brushed the smoke box with anthracite grey.

It’s taken several weeks to do this. I’m not the fastest painter. Plus I picked up the loco body before the varnish was dry and I put a big thumb print on to one of the side tanks (Ugh!).

Some modellers date and sign the locos they’ve built but I don’t want to add my fingerprint to this one 🙂

One side of the body had to be sanded down, repainted and revarnished. I left it 24 hours before I touched it this time!

There’s still some work to do:

  • Nameplates are required, and these are on order
  • The bunker is crying out for some coal
  • I’ve cut glazing for the cab and I’ll add it after I varnish the nameplates
  • Then there’s lining. Here I’m not sure. Miniature railway locos often have elaborate lining, but I have the feeling that doing a decent lining job on something so small may be beyond my skill level. Or perhaps it’s beyond my courage level….


    • In some miniature railway locos (like those build by Exmoor) there’s an opening under the seat (roughly in the middle of the cab) and the coal comes out onto the floor. I’m hoping to add a little coal to the floor – to cover up the head of the bolt that holds the rear bogie on 🙂

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