Warhammer Cambridge

I do like shopping at Warhammer in Cambridge.

There’s usually some good rock music playing.

The staff are really helpful and interested.

They ask what you’re up to, provide useful suggestions or advice, and they listen.

Even if you are taking about model trains in a wargaming shop, they listen.

I don’t know who recruits the staff or how they do it but they’ve got it spot on.

Best of all they call me ‘Sir’.

Even if I arrive by bike, soaking wet, they call me ‘Sir’. There’s nowhere else in Cambridge where that happens!

So I stock up on paint pots, aerosols, brushes and sometimes tools. (Their pin tools and razor saws are very good, by the way). Then I potter off to a nearby cafe for coffee and cake.

I hope Warhammer stays open whatever Covid-19 brings, this shop’s a little gem.


  1. That’s good to know, Steve. I would normally avoid anything like Warhammer like the plague, but to be well served is an art and if they do tools and paints, I could be tempted as I live in Cambridgeshire, although parking is impossible and the train stops miles away!


    • Hi Martin, Ah, the joys of transport in Cambridge 🙂 Luckily I live about 30 minutes cycle ride from Warhammer, so if I need something I get a little exercise too! While I admire the skill of the wargame figure painters, the models in Warhammer aren’t for me either. However I’m very impressed with their paints, primer and tools. Plus they are the closest model shop to me. Sadly, my nearest model railway shop is a good 40 minutes by car away….


  2. Steve, I do all Nev Kent’s masters, so if you need to know anything about his O9 stuff just ask. He also does N gauge and OO9. Basically anything using nine mm gauge. Plus scenic items too (boats, motorcycles, buildings, etc.) I wish there was a model shop near us, but the last one with a few materials, but little else just closed down. I get what little I buy (rather than make) by internet now.


    • Hi Martin, I know the feeling. I shop online but I’d rather buy from a real model shop and they are getting harder to find! Good to know you make Nev’s masters. I must check out his range, I haven’t looked for a while…


  3. What an inspirational review. I love the idea of being on a shop staffed with such friendly and engaged staff. We have a Games Workshop store here in Halifax and I keep meaning to drop by to look for a nice brushable primer. It’s funny how, in a city, all the way to the other side of Halifax from our home in Dartmouth seems so far away and spelled out here it’s such a sad excuse to not go.


    • Hi Chris, It’s worth having a look around a Games Workshop store. I’ve got some useful stuff there, (I like their large chunky Shade brushes for dry brushing models too). I don’t know if they do a paint on primer, but their rattle can Corax White primer works well for me. BTW They’re not paying me 🙂


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