Loco Assembly

I have assembled the modified 3D printed loco body.  The parts of the modified 3D printed body have been combined with some additional plasticard components, the minitrains chassis and an N gauge loco bogie.

In my mind I was aiming for something that looked a little like ‘Fox’ of the Kirklees Light Railway.

Yes, the loco is a little long for a 0-4-2, and it would probably look better with six coupled driving wheels, nonetheless I rather like the look of it.

I’ve been hesitating about whether this is the right thing to do. Now I feel like I want to continue with this build and see what I can make of it. I always learn something from making a model, plus I’m enjoying this.

There’s much to do. The body needs a lot of smoothing and more details need to be added.

Oh, and I will have to fill in the hole I made in the fire box while I was grinding the plastic to make space for the motor. Oops!

None of this is difficult, but it will take some time. So this loco will disappear from the blog for a while (who cheered ? 🙂 ). It will reappear when it is silky smooth and coated in primer…..

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